OneNote in the classroom – Why this is the program for teachers!

I have used OneNote in the classroom for the last 3 years. It has saved me hundreds of hours work and has allowed me to focus my teaching to individual students. In the classroom OneNote has allowed me to do my planning, teaching, marking and feedback for students all in the same place.  I do not need to carry heavy books around as OneNote is my classroom textbook, exercise book and mark book.

As a textbook I can easily add content, internal and internet links. It is always up to date. OneNote can easily be structured for my students in my classroom. Language can be simplified for students with poor literacy and extended upon for students who are ahead of their peers.  I can create a choose your own adventure curriculum allowing students to identify the level of support that they need.

As an exercise book I can use OneNote in the classroom to check on student progress and understanding without interrupting their learning.   It is super easy to check on their progress without them even knowing. I can leave written and verbal feedback and students do not need to spend their time copying notes. They can work with the information working on higher order skills. OneNote can also be used in the classroom as a collective notebook.  Students will no longer be at a disadvantage because the student with their notes is away.

As a planning tool OneNote is fantastic. I can link directly to websites, interactive and students marks. It is easy for me to share my planning with colleagues. OneNote’s strength is in its collaboration.  All our unit planning is done as a group with everybody being able to add and change our scope and sequence at any time in just about any place.

OneNote is free and easy to use. It is available for multiple platforms.  The free download is found here.consept map


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