Ineke McGuire – Who is she?

Title: Head of Maths/Science

School: Sacred Heart College, Newtown

State: Tasmania

Address: 2 Cross Street, Newtown, Tasmania, 7020


Contact Details

Phone: (03) 6279 4090 (school)



Twitter: @inekeMcG


What does Ineke Teach?

The short answer is children, through the subject areas of Mathematics and Science.


  • Year 7 – 10 Science
  • Year 7-10 Mathematics
  • One off lessons from kinder to grade 6

Expert Educator Bio:

Ineke McGuire was honoured to be selected as a Microsoft Innovative Educator Expert for 2014 and humbled to be considered in the same category as all of the other highly innovative educators involved in this program.

Ineke is currently the Head of the Mathematics/Science Department at Sacred Heart College in Tasmania, Australia.   She has been teaching for 20 years including internationally at the Hemmel Hempstead School in England for 3 years as the head of Science and in Kuwait at the Gulf English International, School.

Ineke has a passion for anything that makes learning easier and fun but still with depth and quality of curriculum. She teaches students through the subjects of Mathematics and Science but recognizes that skills taught while learning these subjects is infinitely more important , in the future of the student, than the subject specific knowledge taught.   Teaching a wide variety of students with varying academic abilities as well as students with little to no English and significant trauma issues, she is constantly seeking new ways to get the best from every student.

Ineke has been working with OneNote for several years. She has be instrumental in the creation of OneNote based ‘text books’ which include scaffold instruction, videos of methods and multi-levelled assessment. Ineke is very excited by the opportunities that technology provides to improve student outcomes by using and integrating technology in the classroom and is constantly on the lookout for innovative ways to improve outcomes for every student.

She currently mentor staff in a variety of schools on the use of OneNote and how it can be used in collaborative planning, record keeping and differentiation as well as basic operation. Her plan for the future is to continue her learning to deliver quality learning tasks that are situated with a ‘high roof but a low floor’ top enable all students to be active participants in their own learning.   Ineke is also developing several professional development activities around differentiation and technology.

What technologies does she use in school?

  • Microsoft Office/OneNote 2013
  • Anything else she can get her hands on and my mind around

What areas is she interested in?

  • OneNote as a tool for planning, teaching and learning across all subject areas
  • Using technology to improve differentiation
  • Windows 8 Apps for teaching and learning
  • 21st Century Learning Design
  • Skype and the development of skype translate and how she can use it in the classroom with EAL/D students
  • Learning as much as she can about everything

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